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Hi, I’m Jill! Originally from the more rural area of southern NJ where bounties of fresh blueberries, Jersey tomatoes, and beautiful expanses of farmland prevail, this is where my passion for food truly began. After college, I took my culinary endeavors up to New England and began my food writing career circa 2011 in the scenic harbor town of Boston. After graduating with my Masters in Gastronomy from BU, I found any opportunity to work around food: 5 years in a remarkable oyster-centric seafood restaurant, hosting food tours throughout multiple neighborhoods of Boston, and freelance writing for GBH and The Boston Globe with a focus on recipe development, testing, a little photography, and of course, food writing. 

Recipes By Jill is a blog that shares my food experiences, both in my kitchen and throughout my travels: the new and improved version of Jill Eats! My goal is to bring together food lovers, home cooks, and anyone craving some new ideas or inspiration in both cooking and baking.  I focus on basic perspectives of what’s in season, local, and fresh, using this as my canvas, and then simply having fun with it the rest of the way. In all honesty, I'm a mix of professional + playful, so my interactions with food come through the same way. We all eat and engage with food daily, so having fun with it makes it more approachable, relatable, rewarding, and of course, delicious!

Moving from Boston back to New Jersey (the more hip, happenin' area of Monmouth County), I am extra passionate about networking and meeting new people in the food industry + beyond. On weekdays, you can find me working at Bell Market over in Bell Works, while my weekends are spent cooking, menu planning, snacking, veggie gardening, reading cookbooks, cocktail mixing, playing with my puppy, and of course, testing recipes.

I hope you’re excited to follow along with me through my food adventures here, and please comment or email me with any fun remarks, ideas, or other supportive opportunities! Lastly, I would be remiss without giving a little shoutout to my husband, John, who tirelessly helps me with all of my tech/website questions, is always ready and willing to taste a new dish or recipe experiment, and puts up with my "don't eat that yet I have to take a pic!" moments...pretty much daily.  Cheers!

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